Why should I choose Physician’s Surrogacy instead of other agencies or independent surrogacy?

  • Surrogacy is a medical process, which is why we believe that you should have full medical support during your pregnancy. While other agencies are managed by previous Surrogates or past Intended Parents, we are an OB managed agency. Former Surrogates and past Intended Parents may understand the emotional aspects of surrogacy. However, they often lack the clinical background and business skills to manage the complexities of a pregnancy process.
  • We pay the highest compensation for first-time Surrogates in the industry. Many other agencies advertise high compensation amounts. However, you will find out after going through their application process that the advertised amount is not what you will be getting in hand. We are very transparent about the compensation structure. We make sure that you understand from the beginning what your financial situation will be during this journey with us. Transparency is crucial when it comes to money, and our approach gives you financial clarity from the start.

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