IVF Process

patient with doctor

Once the legal agreement is complete, We will create an IVF cycle calendar. The calendar will include medication information, appointments, and major milestones. You will work with your IVF coordinator, who goes over the medications and instructions on use. During your IVF cycle, you will continue to be monitored at a local facility. The monitoring is vital to track your progress as you prepare for the embryo transfer.

The embryo transfer will occur approximately four weeks after the start of your medication. You and your support person will have to travel to the IVF clinic.

We take care of all accommodations for you and make sure you have a comfortable environment to relax in. The transfer itself is about a ten-minute non-surgical procedure, and your physician will require you to be on bed rest for 24 hours following the embryo transfer. Appointments for blood work between the transfer and the pregnancy test will be done locally to monitor hormone levels.

After two to three weeks of the transfer, a heartbeat ultrasound will take place to confirm the pregnancy. After confirming your pregnancy, the IVF center will continue to supervise you for several more weeks. Once the pregnancy is stable, you will be placed under the care of a local OB to support you for the remainder of the pregnancy.

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